The Level I and II courses take place several times during the year. All courses are updated, revised, and “refreshed” regularly to ensure YOU are getting up-to-the-minute information. The classes are held live online in the comfort of your own home!  You are welcome to request in-person classes by contacting Valerie via email. It is highly recommended that you participate in the entire course; however, you can attend individual class sessions with prior arrangements. Each course includes 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

The Level I – Genealogy Basics and Beyond Course consists of 7 classes that are 2+ hours in length and includes handout materials. The topics taught in this course are:
Class 1:  Basic Introduction, General Genealogy Information, Standards in Genealogy, and Getting Started (forms)
Class 2:  Setting up your Organization System (paper and electronic files), Ancestor Chart, Family Group Sheets, Research Calendar, Research Plan
Class 3:  Genealogy Computer Software (data management system), County Histories & Gazetteers, Vital Records
Class 4:  Census Records
Class 5:  Newspapers, City Directories, Church Records, and Cemetery Research
Class 6:  Library Research, Basic Intro to Military Records
Class 7:  Citing Sources Properly, Introduction to the Genealogical Proof Standard (our GPS), Using and, Basic Evaluation Process, and The ABCs of DNA


The Level II – More Record Sources and Resources Course consists of 4 classes that are 3+ hours in length and includes handout materials. It is highly recommended that you take the above Basics and Beyond Course. The topics covered in this course are:
Class 1:  Quick Review of the Basics, Research Calendars-Research Plans, Timelines, More on Source Citations, Substitutes for Census and Vital Records
Class 2:  Land Records and Platting the Land, Court Records (Probate and more), Church Denomination Archives
Class 3:  Evidence & the Genealogical Proof Standard, the “FAN” Principle, Research Report, Putting It All Together for an EZ Process to Write a Family History, and Taking Your DNA to the Next Level
Class 4:  In-depth Military Research and Records, Passenger Lists, Naturalization & Immigration Records


The Level III – There’s MORE!: Kickin It Up Several Levels Course and Trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City consists of 4 classes that are 3+ hours in length and includes handout materials. It is required that you have taken the above two levels of courses (or equivalent), PLUS conducted actual research in all of the areas covered in the above courses for at least 2+ years. The topics covered in this course are:
Class 1:  How to Plan and Prepare for a Successful Research Trip to the Family History Library; homework assignment for 3 months required
Class 2:  Finding Females; and a Review of student’s FHL research notebook
Class 3:  Transcriptions vs. Abstracts vs. Extracts; and a Review of student’s FHL research notebook and research plan
—– the Trip to Salt Lake City —–
Class 4:  How to organize all of your FHL research, Citing FHL Sources, What’s Next? (this follow-up class is for the students who completed the trip)

2018 is currently in the planning stage for the Level III classes with the trip to Salt Lake City to conduct research at the Family History Library. For more details about this exciting opportunity and have your name on the Waiting List, contact Valerie Eichler Lair.

For further information about each course, the schedules, and the fees – contact Valerie Eichler Lair via email

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